A dear friend of mine suggested I come to a rehearsal and try out the chorus. When I heard the chorus sing I was blown away and thought "I'm not sure I'm good enough!"  However, these women are so welcoming and loving. They put me at ease immediately and I felt like family. I have learned and grown so much not only musically but also through their friendship and support.  - L.P.

I joined this organization years ago, casually - just to keep music in my routine as I always enjoyed singing. I cannot put in to words how much this experience continually enriches my life. - K.B.

I knew I could carry a tune and loved to harmonize, but I didn't have that big booming soloist voice.  Little did I know that barbershop is perfect for me!  Learning proper technique has helped my voice resonate and it sure is cheaper than private singing lessons! - C.W.

This organization has allowed me to discover talents I didn't know I had musically, creatively and administratively. It has given me confidence in myself. The women in this group have diverse interests but all are committed to their love of music. Heart of New Jersey is a welcoming group of women where you might meet your next best friend like I did. - E.G.

The Heart of New Jersey chorus is a great way to sing, meet wonderful women and learn a lot. The challenge, the joy of barbershop singing and the friendship keeps you coming back for more !!! - K.G. 

After my first visit to a rehearsal, I was hooked.  What a great bunch! - S.P.

I loved to sing but community choruses were a bit too highbrow for me.  I love the musical options I find at Heart of New Jersey chorus. -V.W.

Chorus is the one place that brings me joy each week.  Good friends, good music, and a chance to just let my hair down and have fun.  - T.Z.

Amanda T, a recent member, captured Heart of New Jersey so eloquently in this blog post.


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Our Mission

Culture of Belonging: 

We create harmony where every voice matters. We foster a culture that provides a joyful place to share our uniqueness within a global community united in song.

Diversity & Inclusion: 

We celebrate our differences as essential to the rich harmony that unites us. As we recognize barbershop’s African American origins and learn from our exclusionary past toward women of color, we reject discrimination and strive toward greater awareness, openness and understanding of each other.