Have people complimented you on your singing?  Do you want to learn to sing or get some vocal coaching?  Are you looking for a hobby that has the potential to introduce you to a second family?   The Heart of New Jersey Chorus may be for you.

Interested in checking us out?   Please contact one of our Membership Chairpersons, Kerrie (609-469-4537, honj.membership@gmail.com),  who will set you up to attend a rehearsal.  

There is a singing audition process.  Prospective members are tested for their vocal range in order to choose the most suitable part, then given a learning track on CD and the sheet music for the audition material.  The candidate is given a practice audition and two opportunities to audition for real.  Auditioning typically takes place between weeks 3 and 6 from the candidate's first rehearsal.  Candidates are expected to attend rehearsal weekly during this time period in the same manner they would for attending rehearsal assuming a successful audition and confirmation by the management team.   The audition process is our chance to get to know each other, learn about you and your voice, ensure that you can attend weekly rehearsal, and can learn from learning tracks, sheet music, or both.  We want you to be successful!

Rehearsals are usually (but not always, so call Kerrie first) held on:

Wednesday evenings
7:15 to 10pm


Millstone Township Primary School,
18 Schoolhouse Road
Millstone Twp.



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