Baritone:  Marilyn Fiordaliso,  Bass:  Esther Krutzel, Lead: Becky Woodard,  Tenor: Carolyn Wolfe

The Extension Chords have gone through some changes since our formation in 2012.   We gained a new tenor in 2013 and a new baritone in 2015.  Esther, Becky, and Carolyn are active members of the Heart of New Jersey Chorus and are each section leaders and part of the Music Team.  Marilyn is a member of Harmony Celebration Chorus.  When not singing, Carolyn is an instructional designer/developer, Becky is a homemaker, Marilyn is a retired church music director/organist and a music educator of piano, voice, and musical theater, and Esther is a transcriptionist and billing administrator.  We are looking forward to building our repertoire as we continue to have fun and enjoy our love of singing together.

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