icecreamFace it, someone says, "Cone" and you think ice cream.  In barbershop singing however, the cone represents the four voices (bass, baritone, lead, and tenor) and the balance they need to have.   A quartet has one of each voice.  The barbershop cone is an upside-down cone (when compared with ice cream).  The bass forms the, well, base, then comes the baritone.  The lead has the melody and the tenor is a nice light voice at the top.

Being in a quartet is an exciting part of Chorus life.  It provides an opportunity for singers to enhance their vocal skills, shine in their own spotlight, and explore music beyond that which the Chorus is currently rehearsing.  Just like book clubs, hiking clubs, etc., the Chorus is filled with members who may want to spend additional time together.

There are official and unofficial quartets.  Official quartets register themselves with Sweet Adelines International and are eligible to perform on the competition stage.  Unofficial quartets give small groups the opportunity to practice together and have additional social interaction, with barbershop harmonies as a focal point.

Check out our quartets in the Meet Our Quartets menu.

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